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Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Plenary 1: Setting the Scene
Plenary 2: Facing the Challenges

Will we be able to feed the world?
Mr David Hunt, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Cainthus
Sponsored by: AFMA

Sustainability of meat production in South Africa
Mr Nick Serfontein, Chairman, Sernick Group
Sponsored by: AFMA

Public perception of animal products
Prof Hettie Schönfeldt, Department of Animal and Wildlife Sciences, University of Pretoria 
Sponsored by: AFMA

Antibiotic stewardship – from awareness to accountability
Dr Moritz van Vuuren, Food Safety and Security Portfolio Director, South African Veterinary Council
Sponsored by: AFMA

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Plenary 3: Finding Solutions
Session 1: Sustainability | Session 2: Mineral Nutrition | Session 3: Monogastric Nutrition | Session 4: Feed Safety & Technology

A new approach to nutrition – for a better tomorrow
Prof Barry Bradford, Department of Animal Sciences and Industry, Kansas State University
Sponsored by: Meadow Feeds

Combining nutrition, health and digital tools for a holistic approach to improved feed and farm production
Dr Christos Antipatis, Strategic Marketing and Technology Director, Cargill Premix and Nutrition
Sponsored by: Cargill Animal Nutrition

Life cycle approach as an opportunity to show the sustainability benefits of reduction of dietary crude protein
Mr Nicolas Martin, Sustainability Director, Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe
Sponsored by: Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe

Nutrient absorption as the key to efficient, sustainable and profitable animal production
Dr Ing Matias Jansen, Product Manager, Kemin Europe NV
Sponsored by: Kemin

Dietary selenium forms and drivers of efficacy: From genes to biological effects
Dr Michele De Marco, Global Scientific and Technical Manager, Adisseo France S.A.S.
Sponsored by: Vitam International

Copper hydroxychloride as a beneficial tool in broiler production
Dr Kurt Perryman, Technical Sales Manager, Micronutrients International
Sponsored by: Westside Enterprises

Influence of nutritional trace minerals on inflammation and impacts on reproductive performance
Dr Mark Wilson, Research and Nutritional Services, Zinpro Corporation
Sponsored by: Chemuniqué

Nutritional interventions to support the modern layer achieving a long laying cycle
Mr Jannie Maritz, Director, Adlibio (Pty) Ltd
Sponsored by: Delacon / Huvepharma

The effect of feed and farm on microbiome composition and how this affects bird performance
Dr Henk Enting, Poultry Technology Director, Cargill Animal Nutrition
Sponsored by: Cargill Animal Nutrition

Feed safety: Global challenges and solutions
Mr Gerardo Morantes, Food Safety Director, Bühler Inc.
Sponsored by: Bühler (Pty) Ltd

What a ban on the use of formaldehyde in feed and feed ingredients could mean for the livestock industry
Dr Elke Schoeters, Research & Development Director Sub-Sahara Africa, Kemin
Sponsored by: Kemin

Soybean quality and trypsin inhibitor – not what you thought!
Dr Mercedes Vázquez-Añón, Animal Research Director, Novus International
Sponsored by: Novus Nutritional Products

Thursday, 5 March 2020

Plenary 4: Rising to the Challenge
Session 5: Data Driven | Session 6: Ruminant Nutrition | Session 7: Gut Health | Session 8: Consumer Perception

The digital revolution and its impact on agriculture production and quality
Mr Franz Waxenecker, Managing Director, Biomin Holding, GmbH
Sponsored by: Biomin

Can Precision Nutrition, big data, IoT & AI optimise the poultry production process?
Dr Johann Fickler, VP Marketing and Sales, Precision livestock farming, Evonik Nutrition & Care, GmbH
Sponsored by: Evonik Africa

The importance of critical interpretation of research results
Dr Leon Marchal, Innovation director, DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences
Sponsored by: Chemuniqué

Rethinking starch and fibre digestibility for lactating dairy cows
Dr Luiz Ferraretto, Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Florida
Sponsored by: AFMA / RCL Foods

Improving the transition to lactation at the intersection of nutrition and immunity
Prof Barry Bradford, Department of Animal Sciences and Industry, Kansas State University, USA
Sponsored by: Meadow Feeds

Development of a high-output grazing system for dairy farms
Prof Finbar Mulligan, Associate Professor,  School of Veterinary Medicine, University College, Dublin
Sponsored by: Allied Nutrition

What can we realistically expect from probiotics in poultry health and nutrition?
Dr Christophe Bostvironnois, Senior Global Poultry Products Manager, CHR Hansen
Sponsored by: Envarto

The role of gut health on food safety: A new approach to managing intestinal integrity
Mr Alex Turney, Managing Director – Oceania, Lallemand Animal Nutrition
Sponsored by: Vitam International

The science behind peptidoglycans
Dr Pietro Celi, Global Scientist Lead Eubiotics, DSM Nutritional Products
Sponsored by: DSM Nutritional Products SA

The changing face of the consumer
Prof Hettie Schönfeldt, Department of Animal and Wildlife Sciences, University of Pretoria
Sponsored by: AFMA

Biofortification of animal products: Addressing consumer perceptions
Mr Brecht Bruneel, Central Technical Manager, Orffa
Sponsored by: Orffa

Beef of the future – will beef survive the accusations of being a key driver of antibiotic resistance and global warming?
Dr Vaughn Holder, Ruminant Research Director, Alltech Inc.
Sponsored by: Alltech Biotechnology SA

A One Health approach to antibiotic stewardship in South Africa
Dr Moritz van Vuuren, Food Safety and Security Portfolio Director, South African Veterinary Council
Sponsored by: AFMA

Transitioning from conventional to antibiotic-free broiler production – challenges and strategies from a nutritionist’s perspective
Dr Roy Brister, Nutrition and Feed Milling Director, Tyson Foods Inc.
Sponsored by: Biomin

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