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[day date=”Tuesday, 1 March 2016“]AFMA Forum 2016, Day 1[/day]
Chairperson: Mr Loutjie Dunn[/event]
[event time=”14:15 – 14:45″]Global feed situation
Dr Colm Moran; Director European Regulatory Affairs, Alltech, Ireland
Sponsor: Alltech South Africa (Pty) Ltd[/event]
[event time=”14:45 – 15:15″]International commodity situation
Mr Johan Steyn; Managing Director, Cargill Middle East & Africa, South Africa
Sponsor: Cargill Incorporated[/event][event time=”15:15 – 15:45″]Future of technology on food production on a global scale
Mr Max Winders; VP International Sales, Zinpro Corporation, United States of America
Sponsor: Zinpro Corporation[/event]
[event time=”16:00 – 16:30″]Global Political / Economic playing field & influences
Mr Nan-Dirk Mulder; Senior Global Animal Protein Analyst, Rabobank International, Netherlands
Sponsor: AFMA[/event]
[event time=”16:30 – 17:00″]Global animal health situation
Dr Mike Modisane; President OIE, South Africa
Sponsor: AFMA[/event]
[day date=”Wednesday, 2 March 2016“]AFMA Forum 2016, Day 2[/day]
Chairperson: Dr Christél Coetzee[/event]
[event time=”09:00 – 09:30″]The African Feed Environment with special reference to Kenya and Tanzania
Mr Heiko Köster; Director, Feed First (Pty) Ltd, South Africa & Dr Hinner Köster; CEO, Kaonne Investments (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
Sponsor: Kaonne Investments (Pty) Ltd / Feed First (Pty) Ltd[/event]
[event time=”09:30 – 10:00″]Feed safety and risk assessment
Ms Angela Pellegrino Missaglia; Consultant, A&J Associados Ltda, Brazil
Sponsor: AFMA[/event]
[event time=”10:00 – 10:30″]Impact of technology on African food supply
Dr Kobie de Ronde; Chairperson: SANSOR-GMO Seed Standing Committee, Regulatory and Stewardship Manager – Seeds, Syngenta (Pty) Ltd
Sponsor: AFMA[/event]
Chairperson: Ms Natasha Snyman[/event]
[event time=”11:00 – 11:30″]Nutritional strategies to improve gut health status in farm animals
Dr Ricardo Gonzalez Esquerra; Senior R&D Manager for LATAM & Africa, Novus International, Inc, Brazil
Sponsor: Novus Nutrition Products Africa[/event]
[event time=”11:30 – 12:00″]Advances in leveraging gut microbe host interactions for performance benefits
Ms Elizabeth Galbraith; Senior Group Manager, BioControl Technology, DuPont Nutrition and Health, United States of America
Sponsor: DuPont[/event]
[event time=”12:00 – 12:30″]Bioactive feed additives as alternatives to antimicrobial growth promoters: Cases of probiotic and phytogenic applications in broilers
Dr Konstantinos Mountzouris; Assistant Professor, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece
Sponsor: Biomin Animal Nutrition (Pty) Ltd, South Africa[/event]
[event time=”14:00 – 15:30″]SESSION 4 – SPECIALITY ADDITIVES & INGREDIENTS
Chairperson: Dr Leon Ekermans[/event]
[event time=” 14:00 – 14:30″]Alternatives for vitamin E
Dr Theo van Kempen; Senior Reseacher Nutreco R&D, Nutreco, Netherlands
Sponsor: Trouw Nutrition South Africa (Pty) Ltd[/event]
[event time=” 14:30 – 15:00″]Viability of synthetic tryptophan, valine and arginine as feed additives
Dr Malte Lohölter; Technical Manager, CJ Europe GmbH, Germany
Sponsor: The CJ Group[/event]
[event time=”15:00 – 15:30″]Monoglycerides, natural and novel feed additives effecting bacteria, Salmonella and fat envelope viruses in the Gastro Intestinal Tract (GIT) and bloodstream
Dr Helder Rodrigues Pinto; Technical Director, Framelco BV, Netherlands
Sponsor: Allied Nutrition (Pty) Ltd & Framelco BV[/event]
Chairperson: Mr Richardt Venter[/event]
[event time=”16:00 – 16:30″]Phytate as an antinutrient
Dr Peter H Selle; Adjunct Associate Professor & Dr Sonia Yun Liu; Lecturer in Poultry Nutrition, Poultry Research Foundation within the University of Sydney, Australia
Sponsor: DuPont/Chemuniqué / Poultry Research Foundation[/event]
[event time=”16:30 – 17:00″]Latest developments on soya protein products & local soybean meal quality
Dr Erhard Briedenhann; CEO, MIDS, South Africa
Sponsor: Protein Research Foundation[/event]
[event time=”17:00 – 17:30″]The nutritional value of animal by-products for use in poultry
Dr Leon Ekermans; Director, Bester Feed and Grain, South Africa
Sponsor: Bester Feed and Grain (Pty) Ltd[/event]
[event time=”17:30 – 18:00″]Amino acids: Towards precise nutrition in monogastric animals
Mr Etienne Corrent; Head of innovation and customer solutions, Ajinomoto Eurolysine S.A.S., France
Sponsor: Ajinomoto Eurolysine S.A.S[/event]
[day date=”Thursday, 3 March 2016“]AFMA Forum 2016, Day 3[/day]
[event time=”16:00 – 18:00″]SESSION 5 – FEED PROCESSING & TECHNOLOGY
Chairperson: Ms Liesl Breytenbach[/event]
[event time=”09:00 – 09:45″]Latest feed processing technology
Mr Wim van Lanen; Feedmill Engineer, Nutreco, Netherlands
Sponsor: Trouw Nutrition South Africa (Pty) Ltd[/event]
[event time=”09:45 – 10:30″]Understanding the true value of raw materials using the latest technology
Mr Martin Smith; Regional Technical Director Middle East and Africa, Evonik Industries AG, Germany
Sponsor: Evonik Africa (Pty) Ltd[/event]
[event time=”11:00 – 12:30″]SESSION 6 – RUMINANT NUTRITION
Chairperson: Dr Francois van de Vyver[/event]
[event time=”11:00 – 11:30″]Challenging DCAD in transition cow nutrition
Prof Chrisjan Cruywagen; Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Sponsor: Allied Nutrition (Pty) Ltd and CelticSea Minerals[/event]
[event time=”11:30 – 12:00″]The effect of rumen dynamics on feed efficiency and profitability of dairy cows
Dr Sander Abrahamse; Specie Solution Manager Ruminants, Cargill, Netherlands
Sponsor: Cargill Premix and Nutrition SSA (Pty) Ltd[/event]
[event time=”12:00 – 12:30″]Protein nutrition of ruminants – into the future
Dr Charles Schwab; Professor Emiritus, Animal Sciences, University of New Hampshire, United States of America
Sponsor: Kemin Industries (Pty) Ltd South Africa[/event]
[event time=”14:00 – 15:00″]SESSION 7 – MONOGASTRIC NUTRITION (PIGS)
Chairperson: Mr Franscois Crots[/event]
[event time=”14:00 – 14:30″]Gut integrity – implications for health and performance
Prof Lance Baumgard; Professor of Nutr. Phys., Iowa State University, United States of America
Sponsor: Zinpro Corporation/Chemuniqué[/event]
[event time=”14:30 – 15:00″]Diet formulation and feed management to support today’s highly prolific sow
Dr Betsy Newton; Director – Swine Technical Services, Provimi, United States of America
Sponsor: Meadow Feeds South Africa[/event]
[event time=”16:00 – 18:00″]SESSION 8 – MONOGASTRIC NUTRITION (POULTRY)
Chairperson: Mr Johan du Plessis[/event]
[event time=”15:30 – 16:00″]A discussion on the relevance of Micro-Mineral Nutrition in broilers
Dr Ricardo Gonzalez Esquerra; Senior R&D Manager for LATAM & Africa, Novus International, Inc, Brazil
Sponsor: Novus Nutrition Products Africa[/event]
[event time=”16:00 – 16:30″]Alternative strategies to improve intestinal health by nutritional means to reduce the use of antibiotics
Mr Loek de Lange; Manager Poultry Team, Schothorst Feed Research, Netherlands
Sponsor: Schothorst Feed Research[/event]
[event time=”16:30 – 17:00″]The future of poultry nutrition: Achieving more with less
Dr Andreas Lemme; Regional Technical Director Europe, Evonik Industries AG, Germany
Sponsor: Evonik Africa (Pty) Ltd[/event]
[event time=”17:00 – 17:30″]Feeding the modern long laying hen, 2016 and beyond
Mr Robert Pottgueter; Dipl. Ing. Agrar – Nutritionist, Lohmann Tierzucht GmbH, Germany
Sponsor: EW Nutrition South Africa (Pty) Ltd[/event]

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